Suzy Goes Back to Short Hair for Clalen CF Featuring Suzy Gray Colored Lenses – Doramania

Trying to figure out if idol-actress Suzy has short or long hair in real life currently is taking on a sleuthing mind of its own. First it looked like she cut it off way short for her role in SBS drama While You Were Sleeping, then she was seen in CFs and at events with her usual long lustrous locks waving around prettily. Either or is a wig and whichever one it is looks incredibly real, and she manages to wear both styles effortlessly and I’m way envious. I recently got an awful haircut which was super traumatic since it wasn’t what I wanted and I probably have nothing really bad in life to complain about so a bad haircut rose to the top of the my life sucks list lol. But the anecdote is to compliment Suzy for toddling between long goddess locks and short choppy boy cut and looking good either way, the latter as seen in this latest Clalen colored contact lens CF featuring a color called Suzy Gray. Too bad the CF is in black and white so I can’t see what Suzy Gray looks like unless that’s the color of the backdrop in which case I’ll pass.

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